Our History

For far too long negative stigma around mental illness has prevented nearly forty million Americans who are suffering from biological brain disorders from seeking and/or having access to the professional help they so desperately need.

The fact is, one in five families is physically and emotionally impacted by mental illness. This means that you most likely know someone who is suffering as mental illness knows no race, age or economic status.

For over forty years, Omni House, Inc. has provided psychiatric and rehabilitative services for adults with mental illness and co-occurring disorders (COD). We are one of the largest providers of mental health services in Anne Arundel County, MD serving the needs of nearly 1,000 active members. Our strong desire to serve our community is guided by our belief that mental illness is real and it is treatable. Omni House’s comprehensive programs and services allow individuals with mental illness to live in the community as productive citizens with greater freedom, privacy and dignity.

As a non profit organization, the survival of Omni House’s crucial programs and services greatly depends on the generosity of individuals and businesses in our community. We kindly ask you to financially support our efforts to fight the stigma around mental illness and save lives. Your contribution will support Omni House’s efforts to expand and strengthen all of its programs.  Go to Network for Good.com to donate.